Sels Posture Monitoring Device

The Sels Posture Monitoring Device is used to monitor and log spinal and joint movement. Main features of the SPMD are the immediate response time, the combination of immediate and long term feedback, and the advanced reporting features, all this in a very user friendly setup, both in terms of the use of the actual sensor as well as the signal processing and reporting features.

The SPMD can be used to follow up and reduce the incidence of pain in the back and spinal injuries, or to monitor any other kind of joint movement and to prevent and correct a wide array of movement dysfunction. It is a very useful tool to perform a long term quantitative analysis of motion patterns and the risk factors involved, enabling pro-active diagnostics and risk assessment.

The basic configuration consists of a lightweight portable enclosure with signal progressing and communication electronics and a strain gauge probe. Through the enclosure the signal is transmitted to a PC based processing package where it is logged and edited to a wide variety of short and long term reporting features.

Please find an overview of the range of probe sizes available. Get acquainted with the most common features of
the data processing package.