The BodyGuard System An intelligent approach to posture monitoring and correction

BodyGuard SystemSels Instruments’ BodyGuard is used to monitor and log motion patterns of the limbs, joints and spine. Main advantages of the BodyGuard are its minimal impact on the user’s movements, its customizable alert function and its advanced reporting capabilities. All of this is integrated in a user friendly setup, both in terms of the use of the sensor and the data processing software.

The BodyGuard can be used to monitor and reduce the incidence of lower back pain and spinal injuries or to prevent and correct a wide array of movement dysfunctions. The technology enables researchers and therapists to perform a long term quantitative analysis of motion patterns and the risk factors involved, enabling pro-active diagnostics and risk assessment. The system is suitable for high-precision experiments in a laboratory setting as well as for practical applications in ergonomics or injury prevention in a wide variety of everyday situations.

BodyGuard SystemThe BodyGuard’s customizable alert function is a valuable tool in the correction of (spinal) posture, the enhancement of proprioception and the sup- pression of fear avoidance behavior. In that way, Sels Instruments’ BodyGuard can assist in the rehabilitation of patients with lower back pain while avoiding surgical procedures whenever possible.

The basic configuration consists of a strain gauge probe and a lightweight portable enclosure with signal progressing and communication electronics. Real time display and evaluation of the data is enabled through a wireless connection. For in-the-field measurements, 24 hours of data can be stored internally, to be down- loaded afterwards to a PC based processing package for extensive analysis.