Sels Instruments
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Sels Instruments is an innovative company providing movement monitoring equipment based on strain gauges. The technology enables researchers and therapists to perform a long term quantitative analysis of motion patterns and the risk factors involved, enabling pro-active diagnostics and risk assessment. Our systems are not only suitable for high-precision experiments in a laboratory setting, but also for practical applications in ergonomics or for injury prevention in a wide variety of everyday situations.
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In 1986 Theo Sels established Sels Instruments N.V. as a spin-out company of the medical instrumentation activities of Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V. This know-how has been the core element of Sels Instruments’ technology ever since.

Originally applied in plethysmographs for measuring blood volume variations (e.g. to detect venous obstruction in a limb) today a variety of new applications is being developed on the longitudinal strain gauge technology. These developments are aimed at monitoring and correcting posture and movement (dys)functions in spinal and joint movements.

Sels Intruments is performing this development work in close collaboration with research groups dedicated to body posture and movement research.

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